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Snake Eats Bird

Don't read any farther if you find this topic upsetting. I have included pictures, so just...look away. We have a small grove of bird feeders, and near the area of the feeders is a small sapling some ten or fifteen feet tall with a horizontal limb at about six feet from the ground. We have an Oak Snake that climbs the tree and sits on that limb during the early months of spring when the Goldfinch are overrunning the feeders. I was watching him one day when he caught one of the Finches. Here he has just caught the bird. You can hardly see the bird as he has wrapped it up inside the coil,. You can just see some ...
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More Tablets!

From my earlier postings on this subject you will know that I have been involved with tablets since before there was any competition for the IPad. Since that time, I have owned many tablets and had both good and bad experiences with them. One of the things I love about tablets is the touch screen. Even the inventor of the mouse has been known to say that said mouse is a terrible interface. The touch screen on the other hand is everything the mouse is without the repetitive motion of the mouse. My only problem with a tablet is that, for the most part, it isn't the same as a desktop computer. First the OS is not general, so you ...
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More 3D Printers!

So, my first attempt at a 3D printer was a printer that the seller could never make work. The second printer worked fine for about 4 months before a stepper motor failed and the seller had no replacement parts. After some time wishing I could fix the machine I decided to try a different style of printer, the Afinibot delta printer uses a triangular arrangement of sliders to position the print head within the print space of the printer. These printers are only available as kits, but my thought was that that building the kit would help me understand how to maintain it, and the parts are all "standard". I ordered the cheapest kit I could find, from a Chinese ...
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