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The Network Post has gone through some heavy coding changes. I have learned to use framesets, and the results are pretty interesting from my perspective, and I hope they will make reading The Network Post easier and more enjoyable.

One of the strongest selling points for using framesets is the way the page scales to your browser's window. With framesets, much of the page can be made to expand or contract as needed to fit the viewing window. This makes the controls more fluid and useful.

Where before, a link was provided at the bottom of the three columns. These links provided the text in that column in it's own window. This link is now provided in the header of the column. Clicking the area in the title or author thumbnail will present that column of text alone on the full screen. The menu bar can be used to return to the page holding the column you were viewing previously or any other page in The Network Post.

A not so obvious advantage of the frameset method is that all of the pages have exactly the same banner and menu structure. For me the code management advantages to this method are very strong. Hopefully some helpful changes will also be apparent to my faithful reader.

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